Located in Southwest of Changshu city, Shanghu Lake scenic spot is the national AAAAA level traveling scenic area and the national urban wetland park. The scenic spot covers an area of 25 square kilometers, including 8 square kilometers of water area. The green coverage rate reached more than 90%. The lake is dotted with wetlands and islands-resulting in islands with lakes and lakes with islands, formed a unique landscape.

The scenic spot is a typical lake wetland; its waters are connected to the Yangtze River. All 800 hectares of water reached water quality of national second class surface water standard. The lake has nearly hundred kinds of birds, more than 90 kinds of aquatic animals and three or four hundred kinds of plants live here all the year. This wetland plays an important role in urban water conservation, regional water balance, regional climate regulation, biodiversity protection and landscaping, thus become a green ecological tourism resort.

The scenic spot now has Taigong Isle Culture Area, Outer Lake Viewing Area, Lotus Fragrance Isle Plant Area, Peony Garden Area, and interactive projects like water boat, Taigong culture show, the popular science school, etc, is an integrated tourist scenic spot including original ecology, cultural, tourism and leisure vacation.